Breakthrough oxygen therapy reverses aging process in humans

(STUDY FINDS) -- TEL AVIV, Israel — What would you do to stop the hands of time? As scientists continue to work at slowing the aging process, a team in Israel says the answer may be as simple as taking a deep breath. In a groundbreaking clinical trial, researchers from Tel Aviv University reveal hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) can stop the blood cells from aging in healthy adults.

Their study finds specific treatments using high-pressure oxygen in a pressure chamber can actually make the cells grow younger. Specifically, the three-month experiment stopped each patient’s telomeres from getting shorter. These protective caps on the end of chromosomes normally get shorter as humans age. The treatments also reversed the accumulation of old and malfunctioning cells.

When looking at blood samples containing DNA in the group’s immune cells, researchers discovered telomeres grew by up to 38 percent and the number of aging cells had decreased by 37 percent.

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