AI Chatbot Helps Users Get Abortion

By    |   Tuesday, 19 September 2023 10:42 PM EDT

A new AI chatbot developed by two former Planned Parenthood officials provides information to pregnant women and teens on where and how to obtain abortions while discouraging them from visiting "crisis pregnancy centers," where they will be counseled to keep their babies.

"Charley, The Abortion Chatbot," is part of the National Women's Health Network website. It welcomes users with the message: "Hi, my name's Charley. I can help you get an abortion. Let's get started."

The site promises privacy, asking only the date of the user's last menstrual period and the state where they live. In addition to advising on the nearest abortion provider, the site provides information on mail-order abortion drugs and tells minors how to obtain an abortion without parental consent.

The move was slammed by E.V. Osment, SBA Pro-Life America vice president, who told the Washington Examiner, "This new move by the abortion industry threatens the lives of thousands of babies and also encourages women to seek out dangerous mail-order abortion pills, even when it is illegal in their own state."

A test of the bot by the Examiner told the user how to obtain an abortion in Virginia, but gave other out-of-state options that had fewer restrictions. It also advised minors on how to obtain a judge's permission if at least one parent would not consent.

For Mississippi, the bot offered advice for leaving the country for Mexico or Canada, or for Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory that does not require a passport for entry.

The bot is co-founded by former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and former Planned Parenthood chief strategy officer Tom Subak, who say they hope the chatbot will be integrated into the websites of doctors and abortion clinics throughout the United States.

"Our research showed that people were turning primarily to Google for information about abortion options in the post-Roe landscape and that it was very challenging for abortion seekers to connect to available options," "Charley" content manager Nicole Cushman told Fox News.

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